Established in January 2010, CAMC has rapidly become a pivotal institution, offering a range of services designed to arbitrate and mediate commercial disputes. With a steadfast commitment to impartiality and independence, CAMC endeavours to usher in a new era of dispute resolution in Cyprus by catering to both domestic and international disputes. This commitment extends to providing high-quality ADR services that are both effective and affordable, especially for international and foreign-related cases.

Evolution and Name Change

Initially named the Cyprus International Arbitration Centre, it became evident that the original name did not reflect the comprehensive services of the Centre. To clarify its broader scope and to better reflect its services, a unanimous decision led to its rebranding as the Cyprus Arbitration and Mediation Centre. This strategic move aimed to address a significant gap in Cyprus by offering a valuable resource for individuals and organizations seeking to resolve conflicts outside the courtroom.

Services and Support

CAMC is dedicated to providing a neutral and independent platform for the conduct of both domestic and international arbitration and mediation. The Centre not only maintains its own panels of experienced arbitrators and mediators for appointments but also offers model clauses to promote best practices. Moreover, CAMC assists in arranging necessary facilities for ADR processes, such as room hire, transcription, and translation services. CAMC has drawn inspiration from the United Nations recommended UNCITRAL Arbitration Rules to craft its institutional guidelines, adopting these rules as appropriate since 2022.

Commitment to Excellence

CAMC’s ambitions extend beyond merely serving as a leading venue for resolving disputes; CAMC also aspires to be a leading educational hub for arbitration and Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) by hosting a variety of seminars and training sessions. Under the auspices of the Cyprus Bar Association, CAMC is uniquely positioned to leverage the expertise and support of the legal community, enhancing its offerings and services. This partnership underscores CAMC’s dedication to providing unparalleled, yet affordable, services, while also guaranteeing the efficient and impartial management of arbitration and mediation processes.