Invitation to apply for registration in the registers of Arbitrators/Mediators of the Cyprus Arbitration & Mediation Center

The Cyprus Arbitration & Mediation Centre invites interested applicants to submit their applications for registration in the Registers of Arbitrators/Mediators.

For relevant information regarding the criteria and the process of submitting applications for inclusion in the Registers, you can visit the following link:

The Cyprus Arbitration & Mediation Centre C.A.M.C (EU 260633) was established on January 12,2010 as a company limited by guarantee without share capital.

By decision of the Board of Directors of the Cyprus Bar Association (CBA) in 2016, the Centre now operates under the auspices of the CBA and is based on the premises of CBA (Florinis 11, 1st and 2nd Floors, Apartments 101 and 202, 1065 Nicosia).

The Centre aims to the promotion of alternative dispute resolution, specifically the institution of Arbitration and Mediation in Cyprus.

For any clarification and/or additional information you may send an email to: