-Press Release- Cyprus Arbitration & Mediation Centre

The Cyprus Arbitration & Mediation Centre C.A.M.C (HE260633) was established on 12 January 2010.

It is a company limited by guarantee without capital, in accordance with the provisions of the Companies Law, Cap 113, with its registered office at the Offices of the Cyprus Bar Association.

The main objective of the Centre is to resolve international and domestic disputes through the provision of Arbitration and Mediation services.

The Cyprus Arbitration & Mediation Centre C.A.M.C has established its own Arbitration and Mediation Rules and has adopted the Arbitration Rules of the United Nations Commission on International Trade Law -UNCITRAL.

The Board of Directors of the Centre consists of Mr. Andreas Michaelides, President of the Centre, Ms. Koulias Vaki, Chief Executive Officer of the CBA and Secretary of the Center’s Board of Directors and Mr. Charis Demetriou, Andreas Demetriou, Dimitris Kallenos, Nicolas Constantinides and Christina Zikkou, Directors.

The Cyprus Arbitration & Mediation Centre C.A.M.C offers Arbitration and Mediation case management services and aims to continuously improve and upgrade its services. At the same time, it aims in the near future to maintain registers of Arbitrators and Mediators as well as to provide professional training services to arbitrators and mediators.